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1947 Indian Chief Classic Motorbike

Juan Antonio from Barcelona, Spain, made available these photos of his awesome 1947 Indian Chief classic motorbike.

Juan Antonio is a cop, and he took an interest in the attempted fraudulent sale of the 1939 Indian Four vintage motorcycle, for which the fraudster apparently used pictures he stole from this Indian Bobber website. We were able to clarify that the subject motorcycle could never be in the country from where it was offered.

Juan Antonio: "Thanks, fellas! Luckily, I'm pretty proud having fulfilled my Iron Redskin fever with my pristine, original, matched, preserved Chief '47."

Photo of 1947 Indian Chief Classic Motorcycle by Juan Antonio. Juan Antonio: "Here are some pics of my incredible Chief. (Livin' proof that without Bonneville cams, it goes 95 mph happily having NOT opened the engine yet!)"

Wipe that Smile Off Your Face!

Photo of Juan Antonio on his 1947 Indian Chief Classic Motorcycle. Juan Antionio riding his classic Indian motorcycle in Spain, surrounded by beauty. Lucky bastard! ;o)

Note the headlight arrangement.

(October 2009)