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1948 Indian Bobber

Old Indians never die, they just get better looking!

Back in 2012, John Landstrom of Blue Moon Cycle, Inc. from Norcross, Georgia, USA, sent us these photos of his magnificent 1948 Indian Chief Bobber.

John: "This bike was a Starklite restoration done several years ago. The stock Indian was nice but had too much chrome and too many reproduction parts for my taste so I bobbed it. Now the bike is about 50 lbs lighter and handles better with the low seat and skinny 21 on the front."

Photo of 1948 Indian Chief Bobber by John Landstrom. 1948 Indian Chief Bobber by John Landstrom

Note the vintage Indian style springer fork design. Takes you straight back to 1948!

Image of 1948 Indian Bobber by John Landstrom. 1948 Indian Bobber

Oldschool chopper style sharkfin exhaust pipes. Rebelliously pointing up in the air, like giving the finger...

John: "Although it looks custom, it's amazingly stock. Fork, handlebars, frame and drive train are all stock. Custom features include 21" Avon up front, mini Bates style headlight, Bates style solo seat on custom bracket, MCM upsweeps, cut down Indian front fender on rear, custom sissy bar with side mounted Indian tail light and the front Indian head running light turned rearward."

Straight Bobber or Custom Bobber?

To us, any Bobber is either a Straight Bobber or a Custom Bobber.

For more information, check out the Bobber Republic Info Pages!

1948 Indian Chief Flathead Engine

Photo of 1948 Indian engine. 1948 Indian Engine

The chrome linkage and brass oil lines give this Indian Bobber that special quality.

Image of 1948 Indian Chief engine. 1948 Indian Chief motorcycle engine with tank shift

1948 Indian Chief Fuel Tank and Cockpit

Photo of 1948 Indian Chief Fuel Tank and Cockpit. 1948 Indian Chief Fuel Tank and Cockpit

Oldschool fuel tank design: note the separate internal compartment for the oil. Vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles used to have such arrangement as well.

Indian Motorcycle Style Rear Fender

Photo of 1948 Indian Chief rear fender. Indian Bobber Rear Fender

Indian head front running light turned rearward. John's custom rear fender design incorporates proper reference to the Indian motorcycle legacy and still leaves plenty of rubber visible to make this bike qualify as a bobber.

John: "The last thing I plan to do is get the sheet metal tattooed with green and white pin striping. Old Indians never die, they just get better looking."

What Bikes Are For...

Bikes take you to places...

Photo of John Landstrom on his 1948 Indian Bobber. John Landstrom on his 1948 Indian Bobber

You are bound to see John on this Indian Bobber in TT races around Norcross on a regular basis!   Tavern to Tavern, that is.   ;o)

While he is the proud owner of quite a collection of vintage Inidan and Harley Bobbers, John is also a BMW motorcycle specialist.

His company Blue Moon Cycle specializes in classic and vintage BMW motorcycles. For some real cool oldschool stuff, check out his website:

Click to go to Blue Moon Cycle

Blue Moon Cycle, Inc.
752 West Peachtree Street
Norcross, GA 30071

(May 2012)

Image of 1948 Indian Bobber.